Need For A Pan India Anti-Conversion Law

Anti-conversion laws are the set of judicial laws that make religious conversion by force, fraud, or allurement a punishable offense either by imprisonment or imposing a fine on individuals. force here means anything that causes physical or mental injury and divine displeasure. fraud is defined as any form of deception or misrepresentation and lastly, allurement means any form of the promise made to provide material or any other benefit in exchange for religious conversion. The constitution gives the right to profess, propagate and practice any religion subject to public order, but it does not allow unfair means of religious conversions. There are two major views when looking at it: some believe that such laws are important to protect people from getting deceived into converting to other religions, as they believe that certain disruptive elements of different communities are using unethical ways to convert others. While on the other hand, others believe that such laws can undermine secularism and religious peace in the country leading to violence.  The main objective of these laws is to prevent proselytizing i.e. trying to convert someone from one religion to another by using unethical ways such as fraudulent marriages as many such cases have been observed.

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Author : Neelanjana Negi a second year student in USME Delhi technological university. Loves reading and swimming.