Rehabilitation of Ex-Prison Inmates

The process of reintegrating released prisoners into society is a complex and multifaceted challenge that requires a concerted effort from all stakeholders. The social life of released prisoners is broadly a reflection of a host of social as well as legal institutions and practices at work. Rehabilitation, the process by which ex-prison inmates become connected and integrated into their communities, allowing them to build social capital and establish a sense of belonging is particularly important because it provides a support system that can help them overcome the numerous challenges they face upon reentry. These challenges can include finding employment, securing housing, and building healthy relationships. Without a strong support system, many ex-offenders are at risk of falling back into criminal behaviour and returning to prison (called recidivism). There is a major dearth of academic works on this specific aspect, which leaves a major gap in our understanding of the life of released prisoners. This paper attempts to address these issues by understanding the existing practices and offering recommendations.

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Author: Ananya Tyagi