Aligarh Lok Sabha Analysis 2024

Set in the heartland of India, Aligarh Lok Sabha constituency is the parliamentary representation for Aligarh district, one of the 80 Lok Sabha seats of Uttar Pradesh. Currently, Aligarh is represented by BJP MP Shri Satish Kumar Gautam (Gen-  Brahmin), who has held the position for a decade since 2014. It comprises five Legislative Assembly segments of Khair, Barauli, Atrauli, Koil and Aligarh. 

Famous for its lock industry and academic institutions, Aligarh is home to diverse community groups including Muslims, SCs etc. Over the years, the constituency has had MPs from diverse political parties like INC, BJP and BSP. Upcoming election will also witness the candidates from BJP, INC-SP (I.N.D.I) Alliance and BSP being the top contenders of Aligarh’s Lok Sabha representation.

Past Elections

Aligarh has been represented by various political parties over the years. The seat had been a BJP bastion till 1990s, though later the INC’s candidate Shri Bijendra Singh (OBC- Jat)  won this seat in 2004 LS elections, followed by BSP’s Smt Raj Kumari Chauhan (Rajput) in 2009. For the past two general elections of 2014 and 2019, BJP’s Shri Satish Kumar Gautam (Gen- Brahmin) has been the incumbent MP.

2014 Elections

BJP’s Shri Satish Kumar Gautam (Gen- Brahmin) won the 2014 Lok Sabha polls from Aligarh with 514622 (48.35%) votes. His top contenders were BSP’s Dr Arvind Kumar Singh (gEN- Thakur) with 227886 (21.41%) votes, SP’s Zafar Aalam with 226284 (21.26%) votes, and INC’s Shri Bijendra Singh (Jat) with 62674 (5.89%) votes.

BJP’s Shri Satish Kumar Gupta (Gen-Brahmin) banked on Aligarh’s significant Brahmin-Thakur voters, backing from Former UP CM Shri Kalyan Singh, whose presence played an important role in Aligarh’s political backdrop. Alongside all of this, he also garnered a significant amount of votes with Modi being BJP’s PM face during 2014 elections. BSP’s Dr Arvind Kumar Singh (Gen- Thakur), a young face in Aligarh’s political arena banked on SC votes and his mother, then sitting MP Smt Raj Kumari Chauhan’s reputation. INC’s Shri Bijendra Singh (OBC- Jat) sought Muslim votes under INC, and his position as past MP was banked on. SP’s Zafar Aalam garnered the Yadav-Muslim votes, and based his campaign on SP’s influence in UP politics.

2019 Elections

BJP’s sitting MP Shri Satish Kumar Gautam (Gen- Brahmin) won Aligarh’s Lok Sabha polls for the second time in 2019, with a significant majority of 656215 (56.42%) votes. This was followed by BSP-SP’s Mahagathbandhan candidate Dr Ajeet Baliyan (OBC- Jat) who got 426954 (36.71%) votes, and INC’s Shri Bijendra Singh Chaudhary (OBC- Jat) with 50880 (4.37%) votes.

Shri Satish Kumar Gautam won with a significant margin, garnering votes from Aligarh’s Brahmin vote bank, his advocacy of Hindutva in the region, and BJP and PM Modi’s reputation. Dr Ajeet Baliyan (OBC- Jat), the Mahagathbandhan candidate garnered shares of Jat, Muslim, SC votes with the collective backing of BSP-SP-RLD, but was perceived as an ‘outsider’ in the local political arena. INC’s Shri Bijendra Singh (OBC- Jat) got a small share of Muslim and Jat votes, but he acted more like a vote divisor, and less of a competition in the polls. The Jat votes were divided among BJP and Mahagathbandhan, likewise Muslim votes got distributed between the alliance and INC.

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