Institutionalising a South First Approach at Global Front


The paper aims to cover the current dynamics of the world concerning institutionalising a south-first approach on the Global front. There has been a remarkable shift in the developing countries which were earlier considered part of the third world but are now being considered part of the decision-making process at the front on various aspects. The paper focuses on the transition from the third world towards the formation of the global south which has been possible due to international forums such as the G-20. Then, the BRICS has also been covered for its composition, economic and security development which forms the crucial bloc of the global south. The increasing importance of the southern countries due to the Indo-Pacific region has also been analysed in the paper to offer a possible way forward.

Keywords: Global South, G-20, BRICS, Indo-Pacific, India, Third World.


It was during the Cold War when the world was divided into North and South. The North was mostly correlated with the Western world, while the South largely corresponds with the developing countries and the Eastern world. States that are generally seen as part of the Global North tend to be wealthier, less unequal, and considered more democratic and developed countries that export technologically advanced manufactured products. In contrast, the Southern states are generally seen as poorer developing countries with younger, more fragile democracies heavily dependent on primary sector exports and frequently share a history of past colonialism by Northern states. Post World War II, the United Nations was created to bring down the discrimination amongst the North-South and to provide enough opportunities to the countries of the global south. Over the years, the fact of the United Nations being aligned towards the North was being realised by the other part of the world and a need for an unbiased forum was felt whose conditions aligned with that of the third world. This eventually led to the formation of various blocs of the southern countries which led to the realisation of their interests. Hence, this then led to the need to put the South first approach on the global front.

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Author: Dhruv Shetty