The Dragon And The Eagles: China’s Presence In West Asia- From Silk Road To Belt & Road


China’s rise as a global power has significantly reshaped its relationship with West Asia. This paper unveils the intricate dance of this constantly emerging dynamic relationship. It delves into the key pillars of this engagement, including economic ties, energy dependence, Belt and Road initiatives, and security cooperation. From energy pipelines intersecting with Belt and Road ambitions, security alliances finding common ground in combatting terrorism, and cultural bridges being built amidst geopolitical maneuvering, it highlights all the significant aspects of the relationship. This emerging partnership has the potential of having very long-term diversified impacts on the geopolitical landscape of the globe. It has the potential to change the UN-led world order and to even make these changes far-reaching in nature. Not only does it impact the international order concerning US’s hegemony but also has very obvious, yet quite interesting implications for the regional dynamics and stability of the region in question, i.e., West Asia. All the efforts undertaken by China are going to elevate its position in the various fields of economy, defense, security, and soft power, but this journey is also not free from challenges and obstacles.

Keywords: China, West Asia, Silk Road, Belt & Road Initiative, Trade and Investment, Soft Power, Terrorism, Arms Sales, Global Pow


China’s growing presence in the West Asian countries is significant on many levels, ranging from the challenges it poses for India to the change it points toward in the global geopolitical landscape. It has taken up wide aspects of strategic importance, including trade and commerce, investment and infrastructure projects, political ties, energy associations, and forming cultural bonds. 

West Asia remains a region of utmost significance in the global landscape due to its energy resources. This has now been furthered by more economic clout and technological application. All these reasons combined make it one of the ideal clients for China.
China’s aim has been apparent in capitalizing on West Asia’s energy resources and geostrategic location. Beyond being a regional power in Asia, China’s intentions of becoming a global power, constantly challenging the US is not a hidden agenda. It is out there in the open how China is banking upon every possibility of growing as a world power in a world that is increasingly moving away from seeing the US as its master. What’s interesting is how these West Asian countries also see China as not only an eligible but also a preferable alternative for the US in the region given the relaxation China provides in terms of no conditions to adhere to human rights, ideals of democracy, etc while signing agreements.

In this light, the current engagements of China in West Asian countries range from its various Belt and Road Initiatives to geopolitical intentions and from its cultural exchange programs to the proliferation of arms sales with the region. 

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Author: Aditya Srivastava